About Us

RAPA was born in 2011. The Brand tells many stories and mixes an infinite number of personalities. The line is simple and sincere but full of contrasts and therefore rich in contrasts and with a strong behavior and impact.

Reinterpreting the concept of the tracksuit for free time, the collection is made of very practical and comfortable clothes, but at the same time extremely feminine, cool and versatile. ”Tobi shozoku”, the unique Japanese workers uniform, inspired the collection: trousers with ankle elastic band, rough cotton fabric shirts, carpenter’s belts and flip-flop (so chic!).

Season after season, the collections are enriched with new models. The use of the most different fabrics with comfy styles, brings to life a total look that is versatile and suitable for everyday and every time.

The collections have so powerful shapes and colours that bring to life a unique style that becomes an icon of freedom and joy. RAPA is a brand designed and produced 100% in Italy.


Good Feeling Style